Purpose of the Project

The main aim of the MoReMED Student Congress is to offer medical-health care students the opportunity to share information with their peers, moving beyond being merely users of scientific research. The congress gives the possibility to broaden the topics covered by the study programme for the Medicine and Surgery degree course. 

The project therefore aims to provide an incentive for learning and to stimulate students’ interest in specific, extra-curricular fields, as well as encouraging the development of skills to independently research scientific sources, the ability to work as part of a team and effective communication skills when it comes to scientifically reliable and proven information. 

Arrangements for the IX Edition

The IX edition of the MoReMED Student Congress will be held face-to-face

Active Participants – Students EXHIBITORS

The term “Active Participants” or “Students-Exhibitors” refers to students who would like to submit work, applying for one of the 26 “Student-Exhibit” slots.

Who can apply?

  • All students in Italy who fall into one of the following categories are entitled to apply as exhibitors: 
  • Duly enrolled students in their 2nd3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th year of a Medicine and Surgery degree course 
  • Duly enrolled students in their 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th year of a Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics degree course 
  • Duly enrolled students in their 3rd year and students who graduated up to six months prior to the event from any of the three-year health-related degree courses 
  • Duly enrolled students in their 3rd, 4th or 5th year of a Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology degree course  
  • Duly enrolled students on a Biology Master’s degree course:
    • Applied Health and Nutrition
    • Biomedical applications
    • Applied biomedical research
    • Cellular and molecular
    • Health
    • Experimental and applied
    • Biomethodologies
    • Medical and pharmaceutical biotechnology
    • Biotechnology applied to biomedical research
    • Genetics
    • Functional genomics
    • Neurobiology
    • Neuropsychobiology
    • Neuroscience
    • Biological sciences
    • Applied Biological Sciences
    • Biological and Health Sciences
    • Applied Biomolecular Sciences
    • Biomolecular and Cellular Sciences
    • Biological Monitoring Sciences and Technologies

Recent graduates in Medicine and Surgery who graduated during the academic year 2022-2023 also have the right to apply as exhibitors

In order to ensure greater inclusion, applications may be accepted from Medicine and Surgery students who are duly enrolled in universities outside of Italy.

How to apply?

You can apply as an individual exhibitor or as a group, made up of a maximum of three members. The same person cannot belong to more than one group and, likewise, it is not possible for the same group to present more than one piece of work. Applications that do not respect these requirements will be rejected.  

What work can be submitted?

It is important to remember that the purpose of the project is to expand on the subjects covered by the curricula of the Medicine and Surgery degree course. Students working towards a degree in Medicine and Surgery are therefore required to develop extra-curricular topics or, alternatively, to carry out specific and cutting-edge in-depth studies on curricular topics.  

For students of Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics, those studying towards a three-year health-related degree, Experimental and Applied Biology students and those studying Medical Biotechnologies and Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology, the work submitted must refer to topics that are shared with the medical field. 

What kind of applications are there?

It is possible to submit two types of work:  

  • Original article 
  • Review article 

Original articles refer to a recently published or as yet unpublished article that reports on the results of a study conducted by the supervising physician/professor in which the candidate participated or had access to the data. 

Review articles provide a critical examination of scientific literature on a given topic. 

There will be a registration process, an assessment process, rankings and a set number of places available for each type of article. 

During the registration process, to be completed using the forms available on the website www.moremed.unimore.it, it is necessary to indicate the type of work being submitted. The organisers shall promptly point out any inconsistencies between the type or article selected and the work that has been submitted, giving candidates the chance to reposition their entry.

How does the application process work?

The details of each group member, the doctor/professor supervising the work and an abstract of your paper must be indicated on the registration form.  

The maximum length of the abstract is 3,000 characters, spaces included; in addition, a bibliography must also be included that only indicates the most significant bibliographic references (three at the most). The bibliography is not included in the character count. 

Only abstracts written in Italian or English will be accepted.

For help with writing your abstract, we recommend the short guide entitled “How to write an abstract for the MoReMED Congress“, available on our website.

How is the selection process carried out?

Your abstract will be evaluated by a ‘Selection Committee’, made up of professors from the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, working alongside the Scientific Secretariat for the Congress.

The following aspects will be assessed during the selection process:

  • the scientific approach used 
  • how the work expands on standard subjects 
  • consistency with the aims of the project (please see points 1 and 2.3)

With regard to original articles, preference will be given to papers that are in an advanced stage of development at the time of application and that provide convincing data in support of the hypothesis being presented. 

Finally, the university of origin of the authors will be partially taken into account, with the aim of ensuring a fair balance regarding where the students-exhibitors come from, in line with the quality of the abstract. 

The Selection Committee will only receive the following information: title, abstract, type of article, university, degree course. The names of candidates and their tutors will not be provided, in order to ensure a completely impartial evaluation.

Should the authors of a selected piece of work fail to confirm their attendance, the next piece of work down in the ranking will be chosen.  

The selected abstracts will be published on the Congress website, along with the names of the authors and their tutors. 

Outcome of the selection process

The Congress offers 26 exhibition slots to Active Participants: 

  • The sixteen best entries will be presented by the authors during the Plenary Session  
  • The next ten papers down in the ranking will be presented in the Poster Session

Depending on the applications received, all sessions shall grant more space to original articles rather than to review articles.

Should the Congress be converted to the online form due to developments of the pandemic, the number of slots available for the plenary session will be reduced to 10.

For this reason, during the selection phase, the ten best papers submitted will be identified, again giving more space to Original Articles.

For help with preparing your scientific poster, you can consult the guide entitled “How to prepare a scientific poster for the MoReMED Congress“, available on our website.


The registration process for Active Participant applications will open at midnight on Monday 6th November 2023; applications can be submitted up until 11:59 pm on  Monday 29th January 2024

Rankings will be disclosed by no later than Monday 11th March 2024.

The students and groups selected for the Plenary Session must send their final PowerPoint presentation to moremed@unimore.it.

The students and groups selected for the Poster Session must send their final Poster (in .pdf or .jpg format) and the relative video recording of their presentation to moremed@unimore.it.

All of the above materials must be submitted by no later than Monday 25th March 2024.

Students selected for the Poster Session are responsible for printing their own posters, which must be handed to the Organising Committee on the day of the Congress.



The Plenary Session will be held in-person on Thursday 11th and Friday 12th April 2024, at the Didactic Service Centre of the UNIMORE Faculty of Medicine and Surgery. Each student, or group of students, will have a maximum of 12 minutes to present their work, followed by a maximum of three minutes for discussion. 

It is compulsory to respect these time frames, otherwise the speaker(s) will be interrupted mid-presentation. 

The Poster Session will take place face-to-face, at the Educational Service Center of the UNIMORE Faculty of Medicina and Surgery

Should the student be in a self-isolation period certified by the student’s attending physician, an online connection will be guaranteed.

Please note that the event will be streamed live on tv.unimore.it and on the MoReMED Student Congress social media accounts; the PowerPoint presentations, Posters and related video clips will be subsequently published on the Congress website. 


Abstracts, PowerPoint presentations, Posters and oral presentations may be carried out in either Italian or English. 


During the Plenary Session, work will be assessed by dedicated Evaluation Committees, based on different parameters: correctness of presentation, communicative effectiveness, rigour of the presentation and quality of the PowerPoint presentation. 

For further information, we recommend that you read “ Evaluation Criteria for Students-Exhibitors – Plenary Session“.

During the Poster Session, work will be assessed by a dedicated Evaluation Committee, based on different parameters: correctness of presentation, communicative effectiveness and quality of the poster. 

For further information, we recommend that you read “ Evaluation Criteria for Students-Exhibitors – Poster Session“.

Awards will be presented at the end of the second day of the Congress and will be divided up depending on the type of work: prizes will be awarded for the best work in both the Plenary Session and the Poster Session.


For UNIMORE Medicine and Surgery students, 1 ADE (Educational Activities of Choice) Credit will be awarded if a student passes the selection process and presents their work. 

For students on other UNIMORE degree courses or students from other universities, the awarding of credits is completely down to individual initiative, in agreement with the Deans of the respective degree courses.  

Inactive Participants – Students VIEWERS

The term ‘Inactive Participants’ or ‘Students-Viewers’ refers to students who wish to attend the Congress as the audience for the event

Who can take part?

The MoReMED Student Congress is open to anyone who wishes to take part, as long as they register first via the dedicated section on the official website; having said that, it is mainly addressed to students enrolled on a degree course in Medicine and Surgery, Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics, a three-year health-related course or a degree course in Biological Sciences, Biotechnology or Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology.

How do I register?

Registrations will be open from Monday 11th March 2024; it will only be possible to register online, through the dedicated form on the official website.

How much does it cost to register?

Taking part in the MoReMED Student Congress is completely free of charge. 


UNIMORE Medicine and Surgery students are entitled to 0.25 ADE credits for partecipation as “Student Spectators” on each congress day for those who are registred before 2020/2021, 0,2 for those who are registred from 2020/2021


For any further information and/or requests, please do not hesitate to contact our staff at the following addresses: 

INFORMATION: info.moremed@unimore.it  

PRESS OFFICE: ufficiostampa.moremed@unimore.it 

SPONSORSHIPS: sponsor.moremed@unimore.it  

Only for other types of communication, or for the exceptions indicated in the rules, do we ask that you contact us by writing to: moremed@unimore.it

N.B: the organisers shall provide prompt notification of and report on any changes to any part of the current rules; any such changes shall be at the organisers’ sole discretion and in the interest of the Congress itself.