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MoReMED @TeatroMichelangelo


The Tandem Association with the EduCare Laboratory, Center for training and research with the patient Trainer, the students of the MoReMED Congress, invite you to the representation of the “Six characters in search of an author” at the Michelangelo Theater. Pirandello’s work gives space to the doubts and questions of his six characters, so incredibly current and close to us.

“We all have a world of things inside: each one of his own world of things! And how can we understand each other, sir, if in the words I say I put the meaning and value of things as they are inside of me”

This evening will be an opportunity to touch what is the essence of the project of “The patient trainer” through the suggestions of the theater company directed by Claudio Boccaccini and the voice of the director and professor Giorgio Zanetti.

8.30 pm, Thursday 7 April 2022, at the Michelangelo theater

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Registration deadline March 31, 2022